Factory Assist Program

This program saves you up to $25,000 & covers the following :

A Factory Trained Supervisor is on site to assist you and your helpers to:  excavate the hole, prepare the bottom, rigging & lifting of the pool, setting of pool, leveling, bracing, plumbing, and back filling of the pool.
Price to be quoted also includes the one piece fiberglass shell, delivery of the shell from the Factory to your home site, and equipment package.

Customer Responsibilities

You are responsible for the back fill material (we tell you which type and how much to get depending on the size of your pool you are going with), the electrical contractor (we provide all owner’s manuals & specs for equipments so there is no guess work), the concrete contractor (you’ll let the pool settle for 4 to 10 days prior to pouring concrete), and the rental of needed equipment on site (based on the pool you go with we’ll tell you what size of excavator you’ll need to have on site when the Factory Supervisor arrives PLUS you’ll need a T-190 or similar equipment for back filling and grading around the pool that the Factory Supervisor will use).

Again, we lay out every single detail in a very detailed email after we receive your signed Order Form so we know what size pool you are going with and what you’ll therefore need on site.